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General FAQ

The Decatur Bulldog Boosters (DBB) is a volunteer non-profit organization supporting ALL sports at Decatur High School AND Renfroe Middle School.

Alongside the board, the DBB is a group of students, parents, families, alumni, and community/business fans of the Bulldogs.  They are your neighbors, they are volunteers, they are people invested in Decatur’s sports community.

Student participation has varied, however, on average 50% or more of the student body is involved in at least one sport at RMS/DHS. As the student body grows these numbers increase. In the 2016/17 time period participation was as follows:

  • Football – 100
  • Cross Country – 100
  • Volleyball – 45
  • Softball – 60
  • Basketball – 80
  • Swimming  -80
  • Wrestling – 30
  • Soccer – 100
  • Lacrosse – 60
  • Tennis – 25
  • Golf – 15
  • Track – 50

The DBB would like to have as many students as possible participate in sports at RMS and DHS. In order to do so, our student athletes will need your support!

Building community through sports drives our work together. Providing opportunities for student-athletes and coaches to thrive in competition and to recognize their efforts is important and necessary work. Building community spirit and contributing positively to RMS/DHS school culture and climate are at the heart of what we do

 “Sports has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sports can create hope.” -Nelson Mandella

Membership helps all students not just the athletes of DHS and RMS!  Sporting events are for entire families, they are gathering spots, and they unite the community. Your membership dues and your support of DBB activities are used to help fund the equipment and uniforms our athletes need to compete which in turn provides spaces for the community to come together, unite, and cheer the youth of Decatur on! 

Tax dollars, school funds, and gate receipts are NOT used to buy uniforms or athlete recognition awards. Tax dollars in the form of the school budgets pay some coach stipends, some facilities costs and transportation for teams to and from meets. Gate receipts cover the balance of the coach stipends and facilities costs. That leave a large gap that DBB attempts to fill.

Your membership and volunteer time is an investment in our athletes and the quality of the athletic programs at both Decatur High and Renfroe Middle Schools, in turn providing you multiple ways to celebrate and enjoy quality competition with your friends and family.

To engender, foster and promote the athletic program, school spirit, and community involvement related to Decatur High School and Renfroe Middle School; To assist and support the School Administration, faculty members and community coaches involved in the administration and conduct of the interscholastic athletic program; To raise funds for uniforms, equipment, and other aspects of the athletic programs as identified by the School Administration, Activities Athletic Director, and Club members. No part of the funds raised shall inure to the benefit of the Club members.

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Broad Sports Funding Questions

The Athletic Department is funded through three sources of revenue: district general fund, gate revenue, and the fundraising efforts of the Decatur Bulldog Boosters.

Funds from the CSD general fund cover coach stipends, some facilities costs and transportation for athletes to and from matches and practices.

Gate revenue and DBB fund the balance of the costs.

The DBB raises about $150,000 each year for direct team funding for equipment, uniforms, banquets, awards/letters and specific mini grants. The Athletic Department controls the gate receipts. The district general fund is part of the budget passed by the City Schools of Decatur School Board.

Funds provided by the District may not be used for uniforms and equipment. The City Schools of Decatur and the School Board that passes the budget are the ultimate deciders of how District funds are applied.

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DBB Specific Funding Questions

DBB typcially raises $150,000 through memberships, ad sales, concessions, spirit wear, special fundraisers (Run with the Dogs, Bulldog Bash, Golf Tournament, and special event concessions).

The DBB provides funds in 3 ways.

  1. Team Play (funds for every sport in Fall, Winter, and Spring to go to uniforms and
    equipment) – the Team Play Budget is determined from a request by the AAD and DBB
    tries to raise enough funds to fulfill the request;
  2. Mini-Grants – as funds allow, the DBB Board sets aside a specific amount of money from which coaches request funding for a specific expense, a separate committee of individuals without students in school reviews the requests to prevent bias and makes recommendations to the DBB Board, the DBB Board votes to approve, modify, clarify, or disapprove the recommendation;
  3. Recognition – DBB provides $8/player and coaches for banquets. The funds may be
    used for food, trophies, awards, and certificates or letters.

RMS teams receive $4,000 in Team Play funds plus shared budgets of DHS teams.

DHS teams receive $74,000 in Team Play.

In 2019, DBB offered $25,000 in Mini-Grants. This amount varies year over year and is determined by the success of our fundraising efforts.

NO. No DBB Officer receives any salary. The DBB is a volunteer organization. Please view our Organizational Transparency to see how money is collected and distributed.

There are no “reserves”; however, DBB does hold proceeds from individual team fundraisers, at the team’s request. The team can request that funds be transferred to DHS Athletic Department (team budget) at any time. The DBB does not want to hold money. The main purpose of the DBB fundraising is for student athletes at RMS and DHS. DBB does have carry over at the end of each school year with which to start to fund the Fall sports. However, additional funding is required in the Fall from membership and other fundraisers to fully fund the Fall sports.

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School Allocation Questions

The Athletic Department conducts a needs review for each program and the Athletic Director determines how DBB funds are allocated to various programs. Head coaches of the DHS teams are responsible for the allocation of funds within their program to ensure each team has what it needs and to share the funds with the teams at RMS.

Sports Team allocations

DHS GOLF $2000

Allocations within sports programs are decided by Head Coaches. The Athletics & Activities Director and school system have systems in place to monitor spending of allocated monies by head coaches.

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Sports Program Financial Needs

Expenses are varied from facility rentals to official fees to buses/drivers to equipment and uniforms.

In general, Football and Basketball are the major revenue generating sports based on gate receipts and concessions sales. No other sport generates the funds to pay for all their expenses. In a good year, football and basketball can generate enough funds to significantly help fund the other sports programs.

Some sports do not collect gate receipts or sell concessions because their competitions are not held at a CSD-owned facility.

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Administration Questions

Rodney Thomas is the current Athletics & Activities Director. The AAD duties are:

  • Oversight for all DHS and RMS sports
  • Oversight for DHS Band and Musical Theater programs
  • Reports to the principal and works to supervise all aspects of the athletic program
  • Management and oversight of all athletics coaches
  • Financial responsibility for Athletic Department funds

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