Mini Grants

Mini Grant Request for 2019-2020 are closed. Congratulations to our winners!

Please read the DBB Mini Grant Criteria prior to submitting an application.

Congratulations to the 2019 Mini Grant Recipients!

And a big thank you to our members and sponsors. Without your support, whether it’s becoming a sponsor, buying a membership or even purchasing a hot dog at concessions, your support is what allows the DBB to provide money for the unfunded needs of our teams.

Softball (DHS, RMS)Hitting Instructor = $1,000; enclosing batting cage = $4,000$1,000
Wrestlingwrestling equipment to host tourneys$4,000
HS Girls BasketballSummer Basketball Camps (Duluth Camp= $200; Ga State Camp= $500; Clayton State = $300 $1,000
UltimateCoach = $1,250; tournament fees = $845$845
Tennisoff-season training camp (14 weeks @ $320 + match play @ $320)$2,000
Varsity Footballsafety upgrades (chin straps/face masks)$2,000
Girls Lacrossemisc equipment $1,600
Footballshoulder pads$2,500
All Athletesupright stationary bike$2,100
Volleyball (DHS, RMS)equipment$2,000
Golfgolf bags$2,500
All Athletesweigh room segment timer$295.74
All AthletesWater Cow: chiller$2,149
Boys BasketballSummer Basketball Camps (UGA Camp= $700; Ga State Camp= $900; Mercer overnight = $220/player [as needed])$1,000