FAQ Category: Sport Program Financial Needs

How much does it cost to provide a top class high school/middle school sports program?

DHS and RMS provide a top class experience for our student athletes. While there may be other school’s sports programs that are better funded, the DBB strives to do the best we can to help our athletes bring their “A” game. It is very difficult to compare the sports funding available at county schools or at private schools to the funding at a smaller city school system like Decatur. It is fair to say that there are sports that need more funding and facilities, however, the DBB does not provide the full funding for each sport nor do we handle facilities. To that end, it is imperative that all members of the Decatur community and especially families of ALL of our student athletes support the DBB. WE NEED YOU! Your donations whether monetary or time or BOTH make all the difference to our student athletes.